A Texas transplant residing in L.A., Rick refers to himself as a gCalitexanh. While living in Austin, Rick worked at the now defunct Musicians Rehearsal Hall on east Ben White Blvd. where locals such as Fabulous Thunderbirds, Eric Johnson, and Stevie Ray Vaughn came to get away from the hassle of their downtown residences. One afternoon, Rick sneaked into SRVfs private rehearsal room and could not resist picking up and playing Steviefs infamous SRV guitar. Soon afterwards, he contacted his favorite bassist Tim Bogert in Los Angeles who heard Rickfs demo and invited him to come seek his fortune. Rick played the L.A. area for about a year with Tim on bass. Afterwards, Rick joined up with several L.A. bands and was immediately competing with up and coming groups like Poison, Warrant, and Guns and Roses. gFeeling musically frustrated, I decided to change directionh he says. Rick began to experiment with guitar layering and textures on his solo releases gElectric Detectiveh, gLone Star Guitarh, gGuitar Freakh, and gGuitar Freak 2h. Those experiments became very refined and can be heard on his new masterwork gAngels Highwayh. Having played with top players in the buisness such as Tim Bogert, Virgil Donati, and Phillip Bynoe, his band brings high caliber musicianship to the forefront through dynamic arrangements and interesting melodies. Rick is also an active member of the Los Angeles guitar community having been part of some unique instrumental showcases, as well as given lessons and advice to up and comers.

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